(R-2) Two Family Residential

City of Ava Zoning: Two Family Residential

Sec. 110-111. Residence districts; purpose.
Certain classes of districts, designated by the primary symbol “R” and referred to collectively herein as residence districts or R districts, are established to provide space in suitable locations for the various types of dwelling accommodations needed in the city and to provide a means of regulating the density and distribution of the population in conformance with the comprehensive development plan of the city. Density and parking requirements for all R residence uses are listed in sections 110-122 and 110-236, respectively.
(Code 1977, § 42.200)

Sec. 110-115. R-2 two-family residence district; generally.
The regulations in sections 110-116 and 110-117 shall apply to every lot and building site or parcel in an R-2 district and shall be subject to all of the general provisions of this chapter.
(Code 1977, § 42.240)

Sec. 110-116. Permitted uses in R-2 districts.
Uses permitted in R-2 districts are as follows:
(1) One two-family dwelling;
(2) One single-family dwelling;
(3) Accessory buildings and uses as regulated in this chapter;
(4) Temporary buildings or uses as regulated in this chapter; and
(5) Temporary signs as regulated in section 110-113(4).
(Code 1977, § 42.245)

Sec. 110-117. Conditional uses in R-2 districts.
The following uses shall be permitted in R-2 districts only if authorized by the planning commission, as provided in section 110-226:
(1) Planned unit development as regulated in section 110-237;
(2) Public, parochial or private schools as regulated in section 110-114(1);
(3) Churches as regulated in section 110-114(2);
(4) Municipal parks, playgrounds and community clubhouses; and
(5) Parking lots when established to fulfill parking requirements for an existing or permitted use in the R-2 district.
(Code 1977, § 42.250)

Sec. 110-122. Residential density requirements.

Residential density requirements are as follows:
Density requirements R-1
Minimum lot area (square feet):
Single-family dwelling 10,000 6,000 6,000
Two-family unit, family 3,000 3,000
Family over two 3,000 each family for first two families and 1,000 each family over two
Churches, hospitals, schools 20,000 20,000 20,000
All other permitted uses 10,000 10,000 10,000
Minimum lot width (feet):
Dwelling, internal lot 70 70 60
Dwelling, external lot 80 80 70
Maximum height of buildings (feet):
Principal building 35 35 35
Accessory building 15 15 15
Other restrictions (see section 110-228)
Minimum front yard (feet):
Principal buildings 35 35 35
Other restrictions (see section 110-244)
Minimum side yard (feet):
Single-family and two-family to 20-foot height 7 7 6
In excess of 20-foot height 8 8 7
Multiple-family 10
Other permitted uses Ten feet, plus one foot for every foot by which building exceeds 35 feet
External lots, (street side yard) 15 15 15
(see section 110-244)
Minimum rear yard (feet):
Principal building 20 20 20
Accessory building and other permitted uses 20 feet, plus one foot for every foot by which building exceeds 35 feet (see section 110-228)
(Code 1977, § 42.280)
Secs. 110-123–110-145. Reserved.