(R-M) Manufactured Home Residential District

City of Ava Zoning:
R-M Manufactured Home Residential District

Sec. 110 – 123. R-M manufactured home residential district; generally
The regulations in sections 110 – __ and 110 – __ shall apply to every building lot and building site in an R-M manufactured home residential district and shall be subject to all of the general provisions of this chapter.

Sec. 110 -124. Permitted uses in R-M districts.
Uses permitted in R-M districts are as follows:
(1) One single-family dwelling, including manufactured homes, but excluding mobile homes.
(2) Accessory buildings and uses customarily incident to the uses permitted, all located on the same lot or parcel, and regulated as provided in sections 110-222 and 110-223;
(3) Temporary buildings for use incident to construction, which buildings must be removed upon completion or abandonment of the construction work; and
(4) Temporary signs pertaining to the lease or sale of a building or premises; provided, however, that such signs do not exceed four square feet in area, and no more than one sign, for the identical purpose, may be exhibited.

Sec. 110-125. Conditional uses in R-M districts.
The following uses shall be permitted in R-M districts only if authorized by the planning commission, as provided in section 110-226:
(1) Public, parochial or private schools, attendance at which satisfies the requirements of the compulsory education laws for the state, but not including private nurseries, day schools or kindergartens accommodating ten or more children;
(2) Churches, providing any bulletin boards or identification signs not exceed 20 square feet in area;
(3) Municipal parks and playgrounds and community clubhouses; and
(4) Parking lots when established to fulfill parking requirements for an existing or permitted use in the R-M district.