(A) Agricultural District

City of Ava Zoning:

Sec. 110-82. A agricultural district; purpose.
This A district is intended to provide a location for the land situated on the fringe of the urban area that is used for agricultural purposes, but will be undergoing urbanization in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the agricultural uses and activities should not be detrimental to urban land uses. It is not intended that this A district provide a location for a lower standard of residential, commercial or industrial development than is authorized in other districts. The types of uses, area and intensity of use of land which is authorized in this A district is designed to encourage and protect any agricultural uses until urbanization is warranted and the appropriate changes in district classification are made.
(Code 1977, § 42.510)

Sec. 110-83. Uses permitted in A districts.
Uses permitted in A districts are as follows:
(1) Agricultural uses and their accessory structures, as defined in section 110-8; and
(2) Farmhouses, to the extent they qualify as agricultural accessory uses.
(Code 1977, § 42.520)

Sec. 110-84. Conditional uses in A districts.
The following uses shall be permitted in A districts only if authorized by the planning commission, as provided in section 110-226:
(1) Churches or similar places of worship, with their accessory structures;
(2) Public, parochial or private schools and institutions of higher learning;
(3) Public parks, public playgrounds, public institutions and recreational areas operated by membership organizations for the benefit of their members and not for gain;
(4) Dog kennels;
(5) Billboards;
(6) Raising of fur bearing animals; and
(7) Livestock sale barn.
(Code 1977, § 42.530)

Sec. 110-85. Density requirements in A districts.
Density requirements in A districts are as follows:
(1) The minimum building site area shall be 20,000 square feet.
(2) The minimum lot width shall be 100 feet.
(3) The maximum height of a principal building shall not exceed 35 feet, except as provided in section 110-228. For accessory buildings the maximum height shall not exceed 15 feet, except that required farm structures shall have no height limitations unless located in an existing, or proposed, flight zone, in which case existing federal regulations shall apply.
(4) The minimum depth of front yard shall be 50 feet.
(5) The minimum width of each side yard shall be 20 feet.
(6) The minimum depth of the rear yard shall be 20 feet.
(Code 1977, § 42.570)

Sec. 110-186. Industrial district density requirements.

Industrial districts density requirements are as follows:
Density requirements I-P
Industrial Park
Light Industry
Heavy Industry
Minimum lot area (square feet):
Per building * Building coverage will not exceed 30 percent of the lot area Building coverage will not exceed 30 percent of the lot area
Minimum lot width (feet):
Per building * 100 100
Maximum height of buildings (feet):
Principal building * 40
Accessory building * 15 15
Minimum front yard (feet):
Principal building * 40 40
Minimum side yard (feet):
Principal building * 20 feet when abutting a residential district 20 feet when abutting a residential district
Minimum rear yard (feet):
Principal building * 20 feet in nonresidential district 40 feet if residential district abuts 20 feet in nonresidential district 40 feet if residential district abuts
*All requirements shall be as set forth by the planning commission and the legislative body on approval of plans.
(Code 1977, § 42.495)
Secs. 110-187–110-220. Reserved.