(R-PH) Patio Home Overlay District

City of Ava Zoning:
R-PH Patio Home Overlay District

Sec. 110 – 126. R-PH patio home overlay district; generally
The regulations in sections 110 – __ and 110 – __ shall apply to every building lot and building site in an R-PH patio home overlay district and shall be subject to all of the general provisions of this chapter. Regulations for patio homes are designed:
(1) to permit a greater intensity of land use while at the same time providing areas of open space and degrees of privacy comparable to those qualities inherent in conventional single-family detached housing.
(2) to solve planning and development problems associated with bypassed tracts, high land costs, and growth patterns in more urbanized areas.
(3) to make available a variety of dwelling types and densities in a variety of locations to serve a wide range of individual requirements.
Patio home districts provide for an alternative single-family housing form which allows efficient, economical, comfortable and convenient arrangements of yard and structures.

Sec. 110 – 127. Area regulations.
The following shall be the minimum requirements for any principal use structures.
(1) Depth of front setback: 15 feet
(2) Depth of rear setback: 15 feet
(3) Width of side setback: 0 feet on one side
10 feet on opposite side (4) Width of lot: 40 feet
(5) Depth of lot: 90 feet
(6) Distance between detached structures: 10 feet
(7) Land area per dwelling unit: 4,000 square feet