(B-4) Highway Business District

City of Ava Zoning:
B-4 Highway Business District

Sec. 110 – 156. B-4 highway business district; purpose.
The district represents those areas of the city in which principal use is all types of commercial activity including retailing, wholesaling, personal and business services and entertainment along and in close proximity to major transportation arteries which generate high volumes of average daily traffic. This district provides standards to facilitate development of those forms of business activities which serve persons traveling along major public streets and highways.

Sec. 110 – 157. Permitted uses in B-4 districts.
B-4 district permitted uses are as follows:
(1) Any use permitted in the B-1 neighborhood business district, or B-2 central business district, or B-3 general business district.
(2) Agricultural or farm equipment sales storage or repair.
(3) Amphitheater or drive-in theater.
(4) Amusement park, game complex, arcade.
(5) Auditorium, arena or fieldhouse, convention center, museum, planetarium.
(6) Baking facility, bottling works and food packaging.
(7) Boat and boat trailer leasing, sales, service and storage.
(8) Commercial recreational use such as bowling alleys, billiard parlors, dance hall, skating rink, or a use of similar character.
(9) Furniture sales, refinishing, repair, reupholstery.
(10) Garden supply and display store.
(11) Lawn-care service establishment.
(12) Lumberyard and building material/supply store.
(13) Printing, publishing, painting and engraving services and shops.
(14) Professional offices.
(15) Recreational vehicles, travel trailers (not mobile homes), camper sales and storage, provided all units are in a usable condition.
(16) Rental sales and services including yard and garden supplies, trailers (not mobile homes) and other such items, provided storage is within a completely enclosed building.
(17) School for industrial training, trade or business training.

Sec. 110 – 158. Conditional uses in B-4 districts.
B-4 District conditional uses are as follows:
(1) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) as a primary use exterior to a multi-tenant commercial shopping center having greater than one hundred thousand (100,000) square feet of lease space.
(2) Blacksmith or welding service or shops.
(3) Bottled gas, leasing and sales.
(4) Construction equipment sales, leasing, rental repair or storage.
(5) Fertilizer storage in bags or bulk storage of liquid or dry fertilizer.
(6) Golf course, miniature golf course or driving range.
(7) Kennel for commercial boarding or breeding.
(8) Material storage yards, in connection with a permitted use, where storage is accessory to the use of a building.
(9) Public parking lot, garage or motor vehicle self-storage lot.
(10) Restaurant, fast-food including drive-through facility.
(11) Sale or storage of stone products, monuments, sand or gravel. No crushing or grinding allowed.
(12) Social service activities for such uses as food pantries, drug rehabilitation programs, parole office.
(13) Stadiums or zoo.
(14) Telephone, radio, television, microwave or other communication tower/telecommunication device.
(15) Truck or bus terminal.
(16) Used car, truck, recreational vehicle sales, service, leasing or rental.
(17) Utility maintenance yard.
(18) Taxicab garaging, dispatch and maintenance.

Sec. 110 – 159. Regulations and performance standards.
(a) Minimum lot area. Ten thousand (10,000) square feet.
(b) Minimum lot width. Sixty (60) feet at the building line.
(c) Minimum yard requirements.
(1) Front yard. Not less than thirty (30) feet.
(2) Side yard. Not less than ten (10) feet.
(3) Rear yard. Not less than thirty (30) feet.
(d) Height requirement. Except as otherwise provided, the following shall apply: no building or structure shall exceed a height of fifty (50) feet or three (3) stories, whichever is less.
(e) Maximum lot coverage. As dictated by other area and performance requirements such as yard setbacks, landscaping and parking.
(f) Off-street parking and loading. As required by Article IV.
(g) Performance standards.
(1) Outdoor storage or display of merchandise, materials or equipment is prohibited unless approved by a conditional use permit.
(2) Vehicle uses in conjunction with the operation of the business shall be parked to the side of rear or the business if such parking is available. If such parking is not available, vehicles shall not be parked to obstruct visibility of the business.
(h) Public utilities. Any area zoned “B-4” highway business district shall be served by approved public water and sanitary sewer facilities.
(i) Business serving alcoholic beverages. All building corners of package liquor stores and businesses other than restaurants serving or selling alcoholic beverages shall be at least one hundred (100) feet from main entrance to main entrance of any school, place or worship or library.
(j) Design standards. All buildings erected and constructed in this district after the effective date of this section shall have the exterior facade constructed to the following minimum design standards:
(1) Suggested building materials. Commercial buildings shall have exterior wall material of brick, stone, stucco, textured masonite, decorative concrete masonry unit, glass, e.i.f.s/dryvit, vinyl or wood siding, concrete with textured finish, or concrete tilt-up, which is painted or finished.
(2) Mechanical equipment. All equipment and heating and air conditioning equipment, whether roof- or ground-mounted, on commercial buildings shall be screened from view to the height of the equipment, with a similar material used for the building, vinyl or wood fencing.
(3) Front facade. The front facade of every commercial building in the “B-4” highway business district, excluding window glass and doors, shall be comprised of brick, stone or masonry material for one hundred percent (100%) of the facade(s) facing a public street. All buildings shall present a well-maintained frontage, harmonious in design to the surrounding vicinity. Creative use and design of other materials are encouraged to accent brick, stone or masonry work on the front facade(s).
(k) Protective screening.
(1) All exterior solid waste containers and container racks or stands shall have a concrete floor and shall be screened from public view by an enclosure which shall be a minimum of six (6) feet in height. Screening shall be constructed of a similar material used for the building.
(2) Where a “B-4” zoning district directly adjoins a residential zoning district, or is located across a public street or alley from a residential zoning district, a landscaped greenbelt at least twenty (20) feet in width shall be provided and maintained along the appropriate property line by the users of the “B-4” property. The greenbelt shall be planted with trees and/or shrubs and maintained in a healthy growing condition and be neat and orderly in appearance. In no instance shall the greenbelt include parking lots or impervious surfaces or be used for loading space.